Our First Annual Traveling Dinner Party

The Nyphe & Forque Club ~ I was honored and touched beyond belief when my sweet friends decided to make the trip to KC to help me celebrate my 37th birthday. And when we decided to make it a free for all cooking party i was absolutely ecstastic! I could barely contain my excitement for the next 6 weeks. We got right to work the first night by hitting a local gastro pub for some pregameday fuel. We ordered all but 2 of the appetizers available and tucked in for a loud evening of robust loquaciousness (is that a word? spell check didn’t flag it soooo, i’m going with, yes.) and uncontrollable laughter. The following morning I whipped up some breakfast burritos and we were off to the markets with our resuable bags in hand. We were winging it you see, for the most part. I won’t bore you with the details of the crazy Saturday morning shopping experience, needless to say we made it home with all of our bags full and our hands itching to get to work. We spent the following 8 hours cooking up a storm. Winging it seemed to be the perfect solution to our problem: we wanted everything! And boy did we work it out… we did have a little bit of everything and then some. Kitchen sink cooking at it’s finest. I will NEVER forget the incredible time we had together that weekend, my birthday, in my kitchen… wink wink 😉

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did making and eating the food! p.s. we are still working on the smell-O-vision feature.

the menu:

bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed w pineapple cream cheese filling

steamed asparagus with garlic herb butter

spring mix with fresh cheese and jalapeno vinaigrette


bacon wrapped scallops with creamy sriracha sauce

crawfish etouffe

loster newburg phyllo cups

whole roasted chicken (fresh from Tanya’s farmer friends!)

roasted brussel sprouts with bacon and onion

prosciutto stuffed pasta baked in a 3 cheese sauce with broccoli

crispy fried pork stir fry

fiesta chicken pronto

and the deadliest triple chocolate cake topped with ganache


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